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Spedition Wohlert GmbH & Co.KG
Harkweg 1
D-24855 Bollingstedt
Phone: +49 (0)4625 1842 0
email: info<@>



1950 The company was founded as a cattle trading and forwarding company by Willi Wohlert.
1965 Foundation of Spedition Wohlert with the headquarter in Bollingstedt
1975 The current CEO Hans-Joachim Wohlert entered the family business.
1978 The headquarter moved from Bollingstedt to Gammellund. From that point on, the company continued to grow.
1997 Construction of a logistics centre in Borgstedt near Rendsburg, with direct access to the motorway A7
2000 Opening of a new branch in Kassel

Start plan of company extension in Bollingstedt

2011  Move into the new cold and logistics centre in Bollingstedt in December 2011