Direct contact:

Harkweg 1, D-24855 Bollingstedt
Phone +49 (0)4625 1842 800

Borgstedtfelde, D-24794 Borgstedt
Phone: +49 (0)4331 3467 0
mail: info<@>

Zertifiziert nach IFS Logistic (Vers.1) & IFS Food (Vers.5) 

 DE-SH-00035-EG und DE-SH-00431-EG



1997 Foundation of Wohlert GmbH & Co Kühl Logistik KG and construction of a logistics centre in Borgstedt near Rendsburg with direct access to the motorway A7
2002 Increase of the coldstore-capacity – increase of the number of pallet positions from 3,500 to 8,500
2002 Expansion of the freezing capacity – construction of a shock freezer
2003 Renting of a coldstore in Flensburg with 7,500 pallet positions, thus increasing the total capacity to 16,000 palett positions
2007 Construction of a dry-cargo warehouse in Borgstedt
2010 Two high performance shock freezers – freezing capacity increased to 500 pallets per day
2010 Foundation of Wohlert GmbH & Co. Kühlhaus Bollingstedt-Gammellund KG, construction of a coldstore in Gammellund started early 2011: capacity of about 27,000 pallet positions for frozen goods and 4 additional high-blast freezers. Increasing the freezer capacity to 1,050 pallets per day
2011  Beginning of operation in the new coldstore-logistics-centre in Bollingstedt in December
2012  Official opening of the coldstore in Bollingstedt on March 30th
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